Europrivacy after one year: status and plan

By | Monday November 28th, 2016

On November 25th, 2016 we have met to present the results of one year work and to discuss about the plan of the next one. This post highlights the key topics discussed and decisions taken.

We had 26 participants belonging to 23 companies or associations. 17 present in person and 9 in webconference. We used two ppt presentations:

  • One year work done (link)
  • Plan for the next year and sponsor pack (link).

We had a long and open discussion and we defined these actions:

1. Sponsor
Companies are invited to sponsor the 2017 for a price of 1,000 euro. To make easier an active participation to Europrivacy a “tutor” will be assigned and an engagement plan must be presented by January.

2. Contributors
A monthly call will be organized for the contributors to discuss hot topics, posts to be created, discuss positions and ideas in previuos posts. In the same time we will start the collection of contributors’ competences to active their engaments in future activities. With much pleasure on our side, Paolo Calvi volunteered.

3. Europrivacy institutional event
It was expressed a strong request to replicate last January event where we had the DPA present for the full day and 7 breackout sessions organized to discuss the new text. Europrivacy coordinators will evaluate the feasibility with the sponsors to identify topics, solve logistic (last year we had 170 people in Oracle offices), address demand generation and substain costs. Other communications will follow.

4. Manifest
It was discussed and approved the task to create a manifest (internal code of conduct) for all parties engaged in the activity. Europrivacy coordinators will plan this activity. All suggestions are welcomed

5. Modification to the Blog platform
In the next period the system will be changed according to the discussion :

 – French language will be added, and translator role assigned to three persons (IT->EN, EN->FR and EN->IT)
 – Contributors manuals and guidelines will be published
 – Sponsor page will be redesigned
For any information please contact the coordinators.
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