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Results of the online Survey about Security and Privacy on mobile devices

As mentioned in the previous post, on November 13th the XI National Congress of ANSSAIF (National Association of Security Specialists in Companies of Financial Intermediation) was held in Rome, on the theme of ‘Digital Services, Security, Network – What knowledge and what tools to address new threats?’. The appointment, rich of illustrious and interesting interventions,… Read More »

An international Privacy culture

The recent scandal of the data theft suffered by Canadian extramarital dating website Ashley Madison astonished and continues to create consequences; nearly 10 GBs of data stolen by a hacker group and containing highly sensitive information about the private life of the users involved, whose lives have been however inevitably affected only for being part… Read More »

The E.D.P.S. launches an app to follow the law

An app was released for mobile phones and tablets that allows to consult the work of European Institutions on the general rules for the protection of data. The Italian Giovanni Buttarelli launched the app on National and European data protection “to compare the latest changes in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought by the co-legislating… Read More »

Data breach notification… in Canada

This article from Financial Post explains the Digital Privacy Act that became law on June 18 in Canada. It’s not related to Europe, but Canada. However it showcases a common trend in several countries. Data breach shall be notified. The mandatory notification provisions require organizations to notify the Privacy Commissioner as well as potentially affected individuals of a… Read More »

Data breach: key contents of the new regulation

Article 31 of the EU regulation proposal on personal data protection is aimed at making the notification of data breaches to the supervisory Authority mandatory for every controller, without undue delay. Of course, processors must notify, again without undue delay, every data breach to the controller to allow him to proceed. The communications must include at least the… Read More »