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Friends call it GDPR

Next week, within Security Summit, the most important Security Conference in Italy, some of the contributors of this web site, present and discuss about Data Breach, Data Protection by Design and Roles and Responsibilites. Per gli amici si chiama GDPR March 16th, at 11.30 AM Also, the next day, AUSED with other contributors and guests, will discuss about GDPR… Read More »

European Commission presents EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

On February, 29 the European Commission issued the legal texts that will put in place the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and a Communication summarising the actions taken over the last years to restore trust in transatlantic data flows since the 2013 surveillance revelations. The Commission has (i) finalised the reform of EU Data protection rules, which… Read More »

USA, cybercriminals bloc clinical folders and email: The hospital chooses to pay the ransom

Interesting article in La Repubblica: “It was the fastest way to restore the system.” The sum was paid in bitcoins and corresponds to approximately $ 17,000. It is not the first time that the public interest structures are blocked by a cyber attack. And they still underestimate the risks of this phenomenon. ” Is it… Read More »

Is the right to be forgotten practicable?

As discussed in a previous post, the new GDPR underlines the importance of the right to be forgotten, to some extent already present in the current Italian legislation. Here we want to think about the technical implications of this requirement. How much can it cost to organizations the right to be forgotten, in a society… Read More »

12-step action plan for GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is causing concern for companies as they struggle to plan for its implementation according to the latest survey to be published (registration required). The survey was conducted by Blancco Technology Group of 511 individuals working in companies with up to 10,000 employees. It throws some interesting light on… Read More »