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Relevance and cost of the Data Protection Officer in healthcare organizations

The legislation fixes the data protection as a general problem of high priority, and obliges organizations address data protection seriously and consciously, outlining the tools and strategies to get organized coherently and do their part to counter this risky situation. The GDPR defines an approach for the creation of a system in which information security is… Read More »

GDPR guest star at Politecnico University

Aula Magna packed and great audience interest on 17/1 for the conference dedicated to GDPR by the Information Security & Privacy Observatory of Politecnico University in Milan. In his introduction Alessandro Piva (Observatory Director) has anticipated some results of the Research that will be presented on 2/2, which shows the breadth and diversity of threats,… Read More »


Giancarlo Butti has proposed the interesting topic concerning individuation of the role assigned to bodies in charge of vigilance and control within instances of personal data processing; these bodies are by their nature independent to the entity they supervise, even when being part of it. Among them, Butti has chosen as example the Organismo di… Read More »

WP29 announces a “handbook” for the GDPR

The Working Party Article 29 spokeswoman Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin has set for her team a challenging goal: to publish later this year a handbook for practical application in companies of the changes introduced by the new european General Data Protection Regulation. The guidelines are necessary because “there are ambiguities in GDPR”. Clarifications have also been promised… Read More »

More on the DPO role (and what about the DPD?)

We can go on discussing about the role and collocation of the Data Protection Officer within the company, considering the new European Privacy Regulation. And we will. But when Luca Bolognini takes a stand, then the chatter end. Tuesday, 10/05 in Turin for the conference “The European Regulation Policy inside the Company” organized by Sistemi… Read More »

The DPO is back again

Data Protection Officer is mandatory, again. Article 35 of the latest version of GDPR states that “The controller and processor shall designate a data protection officer in any case where: […] “. To clearly understand which controllers and processors are included in such categories, the local language versions – and perhaps some comments – are needed. Controller… Read More »

DPO duties and indipendence

In the last version of the Privacy Regulation, the DPO role is not compulsory but an option for Data Controllers. The DPO is mandatory for all organizations of the European Union (agencies). The last version of the Regulation made the certification an option. Organizations willing to be certified should appoint a manager to lead the project… Read More »