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The DPO is back again

Data Protection Officer is mandatory, again. Article 35 of the latest version of GDPR states that “The controller and processor shall designate a data protection officer in any case where: […] “. To clearly understand which controllers and processors are included in such categories, the local language versions – and perhaps some comments – are needed. Controller… Read More »

General Data Protection Regulation, a complete link collection

The purpose of this site is to gather and list the relevant official documents which have been published in the context of the reform process of European data protection law, particularly the proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation (#EUDataP on Twitter). This site will only contain links to documents published by and publicly accessible… Read More »

GDPR, safe harbour and terrorism.

Cyber intelligence is probably one of the important weapons against terrorism. GDPR is a barrier against the freedom of intrusion of a wide variety of powers in the personal life of common people. These two statements are strictly connected: that’s why one of the most heard statements in these dark days is “less privacy for… Read More »

Personal data protection in the headlines

The most important Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, day after day reports headlines concerning the topic “privacy”: on Tuesday 10th an interview with Tim Cook, Apple CEO, where privacy is defined “a right” that Internet companies must respect to avoid a dramatic crisis in the future; the day after, Microsoft’s Nadella declares (see below) that… Read More »

Same Old Stories?

Do you remember the old fashioned DPS (Documento Programmatico per la Sicurezza)? When it was removed from the minim​um​ required measures, the Italian Regulator didn’t mean that companies could abandon the analysis over ​the ​different kinds of data processing, the definition of the inherent risks and the measures to mitigate them. ​Actually, companies ​merely aiming to formally ​satisfy requirements… Read More »

One continent, one law (?)

Last saturday was the twentieth anniversary of the European data protection legislation. On October the 24th of 1995, the Directive 95/46/EC was approved. It was a turning point for all Member States, in order to remove the obstacles to the free flow of personal data, the level of protection of the rights and freedoms of… Read More »

The Council adopted a General Approach on the Directive in the law enforcement area

On 9 October 2015, the Council of the European Union reached a General Approach on the Proposal for a Directive on protecting personal data processed for the purpose of law enforcement (full text here). Another milestone in the process of approving the Data Protection Reform as the Reform is, in fact, a legislative PACKAGE  that includes two legislative… Read More »

EDPS mobile app

The European Data Protection Supervisor launched a mobile app to compare the latest texts proposed for theGeneral Data Protection Regulation from the Commission, the Parliament and the Council on tablets and smartphones. https://secure.edps.europa.eu/EDPSWEB/edps/Consultation/Reform_package