Italian DPA forces an Italian Party to update its CMS

By | Monday January 8th, 2018

Recently the Italian Data Protection Authority obliged an italian party Movimento Cinque Stelle to update its web site Content Management System, reserving the right to apply administrative sanctions  ex art. 162 of Italian Privacy Code dlgs. 196/2003 vedi

How many companies have their site CMS out of date? Perhaps it is better to hurry up.

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About Pastore

Maurizio Pastore career encompassed different fields of Information and Communication technology (sw development, network and system management), operating in different vertical markets (manufacturing, telecommunication, public administration). In the last five years he was focused on information security and privacy. Since 2012 he acts as Data Privacy Officer and as Chief Information Security Officer in Liguria Digitale, the Regione Liguria ICT company.

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